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Pirou castle's geese legend

The castle | Thierry74 / CC-BY-SA
Castle Legend Pirou castle

Beware! Invaders coming from Northern Europe arrived in Normandy in the 9th c.: Vikings!

One fine winter morning, they came in Pirou: they found a strong fortress they had to besiege in order to plunder everything.

Lord of Pirou knew a siege was in hand. So, he decided to run away. How? Oh, he was a magician: immediately, he transformed his family into grey geese! And they flew away, leaving the castle behind them…

When springtime came back, the little geese family returned in Pirou: but the Vikings had burnt everything.

Including the book hiding magic words which would turn them into humans…

The legend says each springtime, grey geese nested in the castle. Probably in the hope of finding the magic book?... In the 14th c., Robert de Pirou, in memory of the legend, put a nice goose’s head on his helmet.

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