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Was Marie d'Urtubie a polygamist?

The castle | V.Vergne / CC-BY-SA
Castle Urtubie castle

15th century. Marie de Sault d’Urtubie, lord d’Urtubie’s daughter, lost her husband. Quickly, she remarried in 1456 a widower, Jean de Montréal, councillor for the king of Aragon.

Well, marriage my foot… he kidnapped her! Then they could marry. They moved in the castle and spent happy days there… unless?

Few years after, Marie fell in love with a man called don Rodrigo de Gamboa d’Alzate, then she married him.

Hey, but Marie… had two husband? Jean de Montréal, for his part, went to the war in Italy, he came back when Rodrigo died in 1497.

He obtained that his rights as a lawful husband were restored, but Marie won’t have any of it.

She burnt and razed the castle then ran away in Navarre, where she died years after.

The tradition says she had a son with Rodrigo, a son who claimed the land of Urtubie as his own and who even moved in and lived there. The king had to send an army to kick him out…

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