Ponsardin townhouse and Nicole, the future veuve Clicquot

The townhouseThe townhouse | ©G.Garitan / CC-BY-SA

A cityhouse in Reims

The former Ponsardin townhouse houses the current Chambre de commerce et d'industrie.

Our story began when Adrien Ponsardin's widow bought a house in Reims, in 1777. Then, Ponce-Jean-Nicolas-Philippe Ponsardin, her son, turned up.

Ponce was born in 1747. Just before the French Revolution, he managed Reims biggest factory. He was very rich!

When he inherited the house in 1793, after his mum’s death, he wanted to re-raise a brand new house on the location of the former one.

He spent lot of money. But at least, his house was Reims most beautiful one! Wide rooms, delicate panelings, precious furniture… Pretty royal!

Anyway, emperor Napoleon I and his wife Josephine spent 3 nights here in 1803: a plaque on the façade echoes the visit...

Nicole Ponsardin, the veuve Clicquot

But Ponsardin had an only daughter… the future veuve Cliquot, Barbe-Nicole Ponsardin.

When her dad died in 1820, she kept the townhouse, then her daughter and son-in-law inherited it.

But her daughter died! So her grand daughter Marie-Clémentine then her grand grand daughter (she married duke de Crussol d'Uzès) owned it…

The Chambre de commerce owned the place in 1880.

Besides, we can visit the house during Journées du patrimoine, every year in September...