Prince of Salm-Kryburg's hotchpotch

The façade on the river SeineThe façade on the river Seine | ©TCY / CC-BY-SA

The current Legion of Honour museum is the old Salm's town house, raised by Pierre Rousseau between 1782 and 1787.

Salm? Frederic III Salm, who was rhingrave (count of Rhine) of Salm-Krybourg.

Oh, he get bored, there! He wanted to move in Paris... Mrs. De Créqui in one of her letter said in 1786: "The Salm chap is here (in Paris), pawing the ground. Baron de Breteuil says he would die within 2 years in a hospital...”

The legend says he ruined himself to build his city house: he was forced to sell his lands and estates he owned in Vosges area.

One year after, Frederic rented his Parisian house to his own architect... he didn't pay this last one! And yet, the inauguration party was amazing! A huge crowd of people came in a body on the quay d’Orsay... Frederic didn’t know a third of the guests!

Oh, Salm loved parties and transformed his house into a fashionable club. But the Revolution came: darker times...

Salm was arrested and judged. They accused him of conspiracy! One day later, he was guillotined on place du Trône with 50 other men... Finally, in 1802, the Legion of Honour chancery owned the house.