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Puilaurens' White Lady

The White Lady tower | Guillaume Paumier / CC-BY-SA
Castle Tragic destiny Legend Ghost Puilaurens castle

To the north of the fortress of Puilaurens, we can see the White Lady tower. Oh, it sounds like a ghost story!

The Lady, here, was Blanche of Bourbon, king of France Philippe VI’s niece. You know? We already met her in the neighbouring castle of Peyrepertuse.

She stopped here in Puilaurens in 1353, while she was on her way to Spain, to marry her fiancé the king of Castile Pierre I.

Later, her husband made her sweat blood: besides, his nickname was Pierre the Cruel!

He locked her in jail in 1361. She was only 22… And since these days, the legend says her ghost haunts ruins of Puilaurens...

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