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Queen Margot, bald and obese, in Sens townhouse: whoosh, two lovers missing

Sens townhouse | / CC-BY-NC-SA
Homicide Execution Adultery Town house Queen Margot Sens townhouse in Paris

After Auvergne, Paris!

April 5th 1606. A big fat lump was trotting along Sully townhouse.

Oh, she was queen Margot. Whoa, gosh! It’s a chock!

When she was younger, all the chaps were in love with her and she looked like a callipyge goddess...

Well, now, Marguerite of Valois lived in this townhouse, exiled by her husband king Henri IV of France, since their divorce in 1599.

The ex-queen Margot... She spent 20 years in Auvergne in exile then the king allowed her to come back in Paris and let her this city house.

The drama...

But on this April day, she came back from the Mass in the Célestins (a neighbouring convent located between the Bastille and Le Marais district).

Her carriage stopped behind the house door, proudly leading by her young lover. A teen... he was 18, she just turned 52!

His name was Gabriel Dat de Saint-Julien.

But while she was getting down the car, a guy suddenly appeared: count de Vermont, 20 years old... Margot’s former lover.

One more! In one second, he shot at Gabriel’s head.

Margot's lovers

Aaah, Margot collected lovers. And it was pretty incomprehensible! She was fat, obese, a lustful lady who made orgies in Sens towhhouse.

She was bald and wore a blond wig. French chronicler Tallémant des Réaux told she made her wigs with the hairs of her blond footmen.

She even had these hairs in her pocket, out of fear of lacking.

The legend says she kept a little box by her side, where she put the embalmed hearts of her lovers... because those ones always died: Gabriel, here, Gabriel d’Aubiac in Auvergne, the famous La Môle...

The execution

They arrested Vermont hours later.

When Margot heard the news, she yelled: "Kill him, kill this naughty one! I give you my garters, so you can hang him!"

The wretched lady choked with anger, then calmed down and sat on the city house’s balcony, overlooking the street.

And she attended her ex-lover’s execution. The period chronicler, L’Estoile, told that Vermont endured his torture peacefully.

He didn’t regret, since he had what he wanted: the death of his rival!

The next day, Margot left the house. A cursed and gory house. She only stayed 8 months here, and never came back again...

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