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Queen Margot in Cazeneuve: her dirty jokes are none of our business

Queen Margot | the lost gallery / CC-BY
Castle Adultery Henri IV of France Queen Margot Cazeneuve castle

The first mention of Cazeneuve dates back to the 11th century: at that time, we found a stony keep. Amanieu VII d’Albret raised a castle not far from it, in the 14th century. In 1484, Jean d’Albret married the heiress of the Navarre kingdom, Catherine de Foix.

That was how their daughter Jeanne d’Albret gave the castle to her son, the famous king of France Henri IV, in 1572! And Henri didn’t spend happy days, here… no, he was divorcing from his wife, the queen Margot. Because of her love affairs, he locked her in Cazeneuve’s apartments.

And the tradition says the pretty Margot escaped to meet her lovers in a small grotto next to the castle, by a secret underground…

But in 1595, Henri IV had to sell Cazeneuve to his cousin Raymond de Vicose, who altered it in 1600. Architect Pierre Souffron raised the current castle!

Apartments were entirely re-fit out. Outhouses were raised in the courtyard. During the visit, don’t miss the richly furnished rooms! You’ll see the apartments where Margot lived.

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