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Raguin castle's ghosts

The castle | / CC-BY-NC-SA
Castle of the Loire Valley Castle Legend Ghost Raguin castle

Raguin's lady ghost

What a nice Renaissance manor from Anjou! You know what? A legend says the ghost of the lady of Raguin still haunts the castle…

She had a lover. Her husband discovered the truth.

Absolutely furious, he killed her right away. Hey, it looks like the ghost story of the neighbouring castle of Brissac, isn’t it?

Another ghost story

We saw this legend in the book Candé ancien et moderne by Perron-Gelineau (1886): just before the French Revolution, in the castle, 3 priests were in a room and red religious texts.

Suddenly, a ghost appeared, stiffened in his shroud! Deadly silence… until one of the priest said: - Err, so, ghost… what do you want?

The spirit coughed and answered: - Well, I left a painting, in the castle… a pretty obscene painting. I didn’t have the time to destroy it. Do you want to do it, for me? So I could have some rest for eternity…

The priest thought about it, then he promised to do it. The 3 chaps found the painting and burnt it.

Since that time, this ghost left people alone!

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