Richard Lionheart's daughter, his pride

The castleThe castle | ©Osbern / CC-BY-SA

Richard Lionheart wanted a solid fortress in order to keep king of France from entering on his Normans lands and blocked the way to Rouen, so he put up this castle in few months, from 1196 to 1197!

"My one-year old daughter is beautiful!" said he happily.

So, was the castle really strong? Nowadays ruined since the end of Hundred Years War and its demolition ordered by Henri IV after wars of religion, the fortress of the Andelys was really a fine instance of perfection, with its deep ditches, its thick walls and its 17 towers!

King of France said: "I'd overcome Château-Gaillard, even if the castle was made of iron!" Richard answered tit for tat: "I'd defend it, even if it was made of butter"...