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Rousseau and his herbarium in La Vigne castle

The castle | Danièle de Sagnabous / CC-BY-SA
Castle Jean-Jacques Rousseau La Vigne castle

The Scoraille in la Vigne

The current castle was put up in 1450 by Louis de Scorailles, seneschal of Berry and Limousin.

He raised the new building next to a former fortress his family owned since the 10th century.

Vineyard grew not far from the castle so... this one was called la Vigne!

Rousseau and his herbarium

Scorailles family kept their fief until 1745, then the castle fell to Bertrand d'Humières, by marriage. This lord wanted to modernize the old castle. So he raised the perpendicular wing with wide windows and rooms entirely refit.

Did you know Jean-Jacques Rousseau stayed several weeks in la Vigne? In 1767, Bertrand d'Humières invited him, and the famous philosopher gave him his herbarium. Rousseau enjoyed herbariums! The French Revolution arrived but there were no damages. In the 19th century, owners transformed the apartments. For the first time in its history, la Vigne was sold at the very start of 20th century! Goodbye, d'Humières family! Welcome to the new owners...

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