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Rue des Pastoureaux in Orléans: massacre and narrow windows

The street | / CC-BY-NC-SA
Street District Half-timbered Massacre House Rue des Pastoureaux

It's an old street from Orléans' first medieval wall. In 1850, they gave it its current name.

What are pastoureaux? In French, it refers to shepherd boys. But not here!

Pastoureaux were fanatical, in the Middle Ages, led by a Cistercian monk nicknamed "Hungarian master".

In June 1251, they entered the city and slaughtered people, in this street where lived students and clerics from Orléans church...

Now look at this, the wooden house on the corner, with narrow windows! Oh oh, people weren't claustrophobic, at that time!

It's because in the Middle Ages, owners had to pay an income on doors and windows...

In this street, several houses were completely transformed in the 18th century. In those days, Orléans had to modernize: they had to open new larger streets, in order to bring light to this medieval maze...

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