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Saint-Mammès and the legend of the golden dish

Detail | Ji-Elle / CC-BY-SA
Cathedral Legend St-Mammes cathedral in Langres

Another legend about an object which used to be in the treasure… Guillaume, merchant in Langres, loved money above all. He heard about a dark valley next to the city, a cursed place, full of antic remains. With maybe a treasure inside? Guillaume went in that place and started to dig.

He came across a flagstone, with a vault below. Inside, it was pretty dark! So, he decided to turn back, but a ray of sun suddenly lit up a gold pile… Guillaume jumped on the treasure and the Devil appeared!

He told him to take an object and to leave. But on the next week, his soul would belong to him…

Guillaume chose a golden dish and came back to his house. At home, he realized he had a nice golden plate, but he only had 7 days to enjoy it…

He started to weep, furious, so much that his neighbours came to his place to see if he was all right: they found him nuts, muttering some incomprehensible things…

Finally, one week later, Guillaume’s house violently burnt. And this one had mysteriously vanished, so people said the Devil took him away!

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