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Saint-Nicolas gate in Nancy and king Louis XV's daughters

The gate | Yves Tennevin / CC-BY-SA
Arch Saint-Nicolas gate in Nancy

Dukes of Lorraine went through this gate after their coronation! Anyway, it was raised in 1603, a year before Saint-Georges gate.

It was named Saint-Nicolas because of Lorraine’s patron saint and because this gate led to Saint-Nicolas-de-Port city!

In the beginning, it was made of a semi-circular arch: the vault disappeared in the 20th century.

The arch was reraised in 1761, to celebrate the visit of king Louis XV’s daughters (and king Stanislas' grand-daughters), Mrs. Adélaide and Victoire: they added Stanislas' chest and the girls' blazons... Oh, they destroyed them during the Revolution.

But we still can see dukes of Lorraine’s coat of arms with Lorraine’s crosses, a helmet and eagles on the lower part of the gate.

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