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Saint-Pierre-le-Guillard and the legend of the mule

The painting about the miracle in the church | / CC-BY-NC-SA
Miracle Legend Parish church Saint-Pierre-le-Guillard church

Located on a quiet little square, this church is contemporary with cathedral of Saint-Etienne of Bourges.

In 1220, a Jew named Zacharie Guiard get muddled up with saint Antoine of Padova, speaking religion.

"You have to change religion", said Antoine. "No, no and no! Except if my mule starts to worship Jesus Christ!" said Zacharie.

The concerned quadruped was all skin and bones, he wasn't hungry... but when saint Antoine put a host in front of the mule’s nostrils, this one immediately kneeled down the host! A real miracle...

Zacharie immediately changed religion and raised a church dedicated to Saint-Pierre!

This one was dedicated by archbishop of Bourges Simon de Sully, in 1230.

You will see an oil painting by Germain Picard (15th century) representing the miracle, in the church...

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