Saint Ronan's legend in Locronan church

Medallions about Ronan's life on the throneMedallions about Ronan's life on the throne | ©Moreau.henri / CC-BY-SA

Who was Ronan ? He came from his green Ireland, and settled in Brittany at the end of the 4th century.

He started to evangelize Breton people. He died near Saint-Brieux, but his body was miraculously carried in Locronan!

Locronan in Breton means «Ronan’s place»...

So, Ronan, after his arrival in Brittany, put up his monastery near Brest, but the place didn’t suit him.

His miracles attracted «fans» and poor Ronan had enough, one day. So he decided to pack his bags and go.

He arrived in the Nevet forest, near Locronan.

There, the legend says Ronan made several miracles. One man, enthralled, finally followed him and listened to his sermons.

But his wife, a lady called Kében, didn’t agree with that: she was angry!

She complained about Ronan: she said he had bewitched all her family!

So, to expose the saint, she hid her 5 years old daughter in a chest and accused Ronan of murder.

Then, Kében asked for justice to be done to king Gradlon. Ronan was arrested and locked in Quimper.

There, he was sentenced then led in an amphitheatre where they unleashed 2 big starving bulldogs.

But the dogs, instead of scoffing him, nicely lied down at Ronan’s feet!

Amazed by this miracle, king Gradlon sent people to see Kében: there, they found the chest with the little girl, inside... who had died of suffocation.

Ronan resurrected her and Kében apologized!

When Ronan died, they brought his body back in Locronan in a cart dragged by two bulls, in the little church...