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Saint-Sauveur in Dinan: du Guesclin's heart and creatures on the façade

St-Sauveur, Du Guesclin's death | Whiteredge / CC-BY-SA
Basilica Crusades Bertrand du Guesclin Saint-Sauveur basilica in Dinan

The man who founded the basilica was the lord Rivallon Le Roux ("The Red"): Saracens held him prisoner in Palestine during the Crusades in the 12th century. If he came through, he swore he would raise a church in Dinan city.

And our knight came back in Brittany! He immediately kept his promise and built a little church. His trip in Orient made a great impression on him: we still can see beasts' sculptures, as dromedary or lion...

In the 15th century, the building was extended: a huge building work began, for 200 years...

In the end, we had our current church. It was transformed into a temple during the French Revolution, then into a barn. Its basilica title dates back to 1954.

Did you know Saint-Sauveur houses famous constable Bertrand Duguesclin's heart? His grave is located in the basilica of Saint-Denis near Paris, but this part of his body rests on his native land...

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