Saint-Sernin basilica and its little anecdotes

The basilicaThe basilica | ©Guimsou / CC-BY-SA

The gold of Toulouse

The legend says a treasure is under the basilica... the famous gold of Toulouse, Aurum Tolosanum in Latin!

Because the church was raised upon a lake dedicated to Apollo. Gallic then Roman people used to hide enemies gold in the water...

The treasure

Basilica’s treasury was composed of: Augustus' cameo, Charlemagne’s manuscript (l’Évangéliaire), Roland’s ivory horn, saint Exupère’s reliquary...

We still can see 2 nice reliquaries, Sernin’s one and Sainte-Croix’s one, both from the 13th century.


These nice stalls dates back to the 16th century.

Look at these details: a pig sitting in his throne, surrounds by listeners! The legend says “Calvin the pig, preaching”.

Oh my gosh! This sculpture was made during wars of Religion, that’s why...

Duke's grave

Here, in one of the chapel, we had duke de Montmorency's tomb: he was executed in the Capitole, because of conspiracy.

His widow translated the magnificent tomb into the Visitation convent in Moulins (Allier), the current Banville school.

Simon's death

The famous Simon de Montfort, leader of the Crusade against Cathars, died here in Toulouse in 1218: a woman killed him with a stone near the basilica...