Saint-Vic museum, a dwelling house for Noirlac abbots

The dwelling houseThe dwelling house | © / CC-BY-NC-SA

Abbots' dwelling house

The house was raised in the 16th century for Noirlac abbey’s abbots. They lived here like real lords!

First, it was transformed into a nuns convent in the 17th century: but when Fronde rebellion came, they were expelled... Then, owners sold it during the Revolution. Finally in 1977, the current museum opened.

The city’s museum

This is a museum of local history, from Gallo-Roman era to the 12th or 17th century.

Among the collection, we have Charles II of Amboise's portrait in profile (16th century) by Bernardino di Conti.

Charles was king Louis XII’s comrade in arms, we met him in the castle of Meillant... The tradition says workers who restored the house in 1912 used to have lunch on an old wooden plank they put on trestles.

But one day, one of them scratched the distemper on the plank, just for curiosity’s sake... and a portrait started to appear! Charles' one. You know what? In Paris Louvre museum, we have Charles' face portrait...