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Saint-Vulfran church in Abbeville and the legend of the steak eater lizard

Inside Saint-Vulfran, Abbeville | Morburre / CC-BY-SA
Collegiate church Animals Legend Saint-Vulfran church in Abbeville

Before the bombings in 1940, we could see a naughty creature, hung on the left side of Saint-Vulfran collegiate church in Abbeville: a stuffed lizard, about 2 metres long! What about the legend?

This creature lived in the church’s undergrounds, with a big toad with whom she stole meat from the city butchers.

This toad bloated, bloated and exploded the church’s slabs, so the lizard was able to go out and steal his grub...

The butchers noticed that every morning, their meat stock had reduced, though their shops’ doors were locked.

One of them decided to catch the thief in the act and hid himself behind his block.

When night came, he heard a furtive crawling, but saw nothing.

And the next morning, one more time, a big piece of steak was lacking in his block!

After several failed attempts, he finally saw his thief. It was... a giant lizard!

He followed it silently from his shop to the cemetery adjoining the church. The creature slipped on a grave and disappeared...

The next day, the butcher warned everybody. People came with knifes, pikes, ready to fight.

And in the undergrounds, they discovered... the giant lizard, eating a big piece of meat with his pal toad.

People killed the frog first and the lizard ended nailed on a wall in the collegiate church.

The truth about this story? The horrible lizard was nothing but a small crocodile given by a sailor from Abbeville, after a long trip in a foreign country.

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