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Saucy and tragic story: la Roche-Courbon lovers

The castle | Groumfy69 / CC-BY-SA
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Hands up

The story was a big scandal, at that time: hey, the lord of La Roche-Courbon kidnapped a young miss (15 years-old)… unbelievable!

Now, back to 1737. Somewhere in Paris. The banker Peyrenc de Moras’ wife (the chap who raised the current Rodin museum in Paris) sent a letter to the convent of le Cherche-Midi for her daughter Anne-Marie, 15 years-old, because she wanted to see her as soon as possible.

She would send a carriage. On the next day, the carriage waited: and the young lady left with her governess… who suddenly realized that they were going the wrong way!

Anne, very quietly, said she kidnapped herself… showing a gun. She said to her governess to keep quiet, or she would break her head!

She was in love, of course!

He and only he

Anne should have married Louis de Courbon, in the beginning.

But her mother changed her mind at the last moment: Louis wasn’t good enough for her… He was a captain in the regiment of Clermont, he was handsome.

So, her mother suggested her another fiancé… but Anne wanted Louis, and no one else!

For that, she planed to go where he lived, in the castle of La Roche-Courbon. It was a pretty long trip, but Anne was happy…

Finally, she arrived: she found here a worried Louis. Well, just imagine, he didn’t know anything about that!

She was 15 years-old, and he was almost 40… whoa, it would be a terrible scandal!

But, he looked at the young lady, sincerely in love with him, he finally relaxed and… married her. They lived few happy weeks in the castle… but in Paris, people laughed and mocked at them: they gossiped!

A sad wedding

One day, Anne’s uncles charged into their bedroom, on the castle’s first floor, and took her from Louis’ arms. She had to go to the convent of Gergy, in Burgundy. Far away from her love…

Louis was forced to run away, in Italy: he soon died of starvation and misery…

Anne’s governess was branded. Anne fell sick. She married 10 years later the count of Merle, French ambassador in Portugal. Aah, the sad wedding…

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