She lived on love alone: Ninon de Lenclos in Villarceaux

Ninon's detached houseNinon's detached house | ©Pierre Poschadel / CC-BY-SA

Fountains, medieval garden, little boxtrees... Villarceaux evoked Anne de Lenclos, nicknamed "Ninon" and her lover, Louis de Mornay...

The former castle was raised in the 15th century on the foundation of the old stronghold.

In 1522, the estate fell to the Mornay family, by marriage. Nicolas turned up, king Henri II's comrade in arms: he laid out gardens with all the little boxtrees.

Then later, another Mornay, Louis, became the lover of the famous Ninon de Lenclos: and soon, a son was born.

But Louis died, so did their only son, at war: Ninon gave Villarceaux to a nephew, Charles du Tillet, marquis de La Bussière.

The marquis didn't like the old medieval castle! So architect Jean-Baptiste Courtonne built a Classical castle on the top of the hill, a brand new house, from 1755 to 1759...

Inside, you can visit beautiful rooms, nicely decorated. The castle was preserved during the Revolution, and when du Tillet died in 1796, the estate fell to several owners... until the Regional Council of Ile-de-France owned it.