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Solutré rock, where horses die. Really?!

The rock | Daniel CULSAN / CC-BY-SA
Rock Prehistoric site Solutré rock

Mankind frequented the place since prehistory. We found here stone tools dating back 18 000 to 15 000 BC, flints called "bay leaf".

Excavations at the end of 19th century revealed a stack of bisons, stags, mammoths' bones, but especially horses' remains: two metres thick on 4000 square metres!

You must know the myth of the horses gathered at the highest top of the rock by men, who frightened them. Beasts could only throw themselves into empty space. That's why we found those bones at this precise place.

Nonsense! We disproved this idea since ages. Palaeolithic men simply tore their preys limb from limb at the bottom of the rock!

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