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Stony little people of Guimiliau parish close

The parish close | Demeester / CC-BY-SA
Parish close Guimiliau parish close

Enclos? What’s this? This typical element of Breton architecture was named after the small wall raised all around the church. Inside the enclos, we find the ossuary, the church, the calvary and the triumph door.

We can notice two elements: the triumph arc, first, called in Brittany pors ar maro, “the dead’s door”. It was raised in 1668. Then, the calvary raised between 1581 and 1586. On this one stand characters dress in the fashion of the 16th century. Here, look!

We can see the famous Katell Gollet ("Lost Catherine"), a pretty and young lady who lived a dissolute life, representing here in the mouth of the Hell’s dragon... But, one minute... What is the calvary for?

It was used as a throne during ceremonies (especially during religious festival known as pardons) but also as a picture book for illiterate believers... But the calvary was also used as a cross for the whole cemetery... because before the 19th century, people didn’t put crosses on tombs!

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