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Tavera and its statue-menhir

The statue | Royonx / CC-BY-SA
Megalith Statue Tavera statue-menhir

The discovery dates back to 1961. They found it buried, lying down at about 1000 metres deep.

It’s an anthropomorphic statue about 2,42 metres, which looks like the statues of the prehistorical site of Filitosa: same prominent face, with deep-set eyes, giving a pretty serious and piercing look…

On the back of the head, we can see little carved drawings in the stone, a kind of ″hairnet″.

And, like in Filitosa, we have clavicles, spine and scapula!

How do we reach the statue? The beginning of the hike is located on the road N193, few kilometres before Tavera, coming from Ajaccio. A wooden sign indicates the statue.

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