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Templar graffitis in Domme?

Porte des Tours | Jochen Jahnke / CC-BY-SA
Fortification Medieval city Imprisonment Knight Templar Domme medieval city

Domme story began in the 13th century, when the castle was one of the most important bastion for Cathars. Simon de Montfort, sent there in 1214, razed the Upper tower. But it was king Philip Augustus who truly founded the city in 1280. Lord of Domme, Guillaume, owned here his castle: king bought it in order to found a strategical place overlooking river Dordogne, a place coveted by king of England Edward I... We have to wait until the reign of Philip VI to see the town completed. The English occupied Domme during the Hundred Years War, from 1417 to 1438. Then Protestant troops led by Geoffroy de Vivans besieged it in October 1588... We enter the city by three gates: porte Del Bos, to the south-west; porte des Tours, to the east: this one is Domme most famous gate! Do you know we can visit it and see graffiti on the wall, drawn by prisoners locked here? A leopard, crosses, a Christ... We know the English occupied Domme for a long time. Did they make those drawings, or maybe... Templars did?

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