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The Adhémar's fortress in Montélimar

The castle | Marianne Casamance / CC-BY-SA
Castle Montélimar castle

Founded by Adhémar de Monteil family, lords of Grignan, the city of Montélimar owns a proud medieval fortress, named after the family who raised it: the château des Adhémar.

The primitive castle included a dwelling house and the Pope's castle.

On the hill, we can see a vestige of the tour de Narbonne, a 24 metres high tower, which was named after count of Toulouse... who were also duke of Narbonne.

Buildings in the farmyard occupied space between the tour de Narbonne and the citadel. The lord's dwelling was to the north of the keep.

The citadel was a quadrilateral flanked by square towers to the north-west and south-east, and a round tower to the north-west: this one used to protect the entrance.

You'll recognize this building by the nice Romanesque windows. A small Sainte-Margaret chapel also dates back to the primitive castle, to the south of the wall.

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