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The best way to cure a trauma, according to Vendeuvre's lord?

The entrance | Pimprenel / CC-BY-SA
Castle Wars of Religion Vendeuvre castle

Vendeuvre was mentioned since the Middle Ages, but it became famous with this chap: Julien de Paulmier.

A renowned Protestant doctor who said that cider cured diseases! Cider healed himself from the shock he get: he saw all his friends slaughtered during the Saint-Bartholomew’s Day Massacre…

King of France Henri III’s doctor, Paulmier became rich, and soon owned plots of land near Caen, in September 1585…

In 1675, Vendeuvre fell to the family Beaurepaire-Louvagny. In 1739, Jeanne-Gabrielle de Beaurepaire-Louvagny married Alexandre Le Forestier d'Osseville: this man, engineer in the city of Caen, decided to re-raise the old castle.

Architect Jacques-François Blondel made the reconstruction in 1750: the creation of the current Classical castle, simple but elegant!

Jacques-Alexandre Le Forestier, the son, raised the orangery in 1785. And in 1830, the descendants landscaped the big park.

Pretty damaged during the World War II, the restored castle houses today gorgeous room with lovely decoration… don’t miss the amazing collection of miniature furniture!

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