The bloodthirsty cannibal of Gargas caves

Inside the caveInside the cave | ©Yoan Rumeau / CC-BY-SA

In the 18th century, the cave became the lair of a man called Blaise Ferrage, nicknamed ″Séyé″. He was a mason: a very short man, but with an amazing strength.

Hiding in the caves of Gargas, he started to poach and steel cattle.

Then he kidnapped young women in the area he brought back in the cave. Ferrage confined them illegally… Those who succeeded in running away just died… People even said he ate them!

He made about 40 victims when the police finally arrested him: the newspaper Le Mercure de France in 1783 announced he made 80 victims!

He was condemned to death, executed on December 13th 1782 in Toulouse on place Saint-Georges…

But for some people, Ferrage was only a legend. An archeologist protested against this news story, saying it was only a way to attract more and more tourists.

Guides even used to show the victims’ bones. But there were nothing than caves bears’ remains...