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The bookbinding museum in Beaumesnil castle

The living room | isamiga76 / CC-BY-SA
Castle Beaumesnil castle

Put up on the foundation of a medieval fortress built in 1250 by Robert d'Harcourt, Beaumesnil current castle dates back to 1640.

Completed by architect Jean Gaillard, it's a fine instance of baroque style, it was intended for Jacques Le Cointe, lord of Nonant.

In middle of the park laid out by Jean de La Quintinie, one of Le Nôtre's disciple, we can see the nice fronts and its Flemish baroque architecture. In 18th century, the duke de Béthune lined the large avenue with beeches.

Toward 1835, architect Joseph-Antoine Froelischer completely restored Beaumesnil. In 20th century, the lower wings, until then dissymmetrical, were put up again.

Nowadays, Beaumesnil houses an ancient bookbinding museum. The most amazing room? The library and its wooden panelling, for sure!

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