The Corsican charcuteries

Corsican coppaCorsican coppa | ©Arnaud 25 / CC-BY-SA

Those cooked meats (charcuteries in French) are made with Corsican pigs, the porcu nustrale).

• The pancetta, made with bacon

• The donkey and boar sausages, with a skin full of herbs

• the figatellu, a dry sausage made with meat and pork’s liver, flavoured with herbs. We can eat it cooked or raw. Besides, in Corsican, figatellu means ″liver″!

• The coppa (we also find it in Italy). A charcuterie made with pork’s smoked chine. We eat it raw.

• The lonzo: a speciality made with pork’s smoked fillet. My favourite one, what about you?

• The prisuttu: the typically Corsican ham, so mellow!