The coussin from Lyon: curaçoa and Black Death

The coussinsThe coussins | © / CC-BY-NC-SA

What’s this?

Created in 1960 by chocolate-maker Voisin, the cushion (cousin in French) is a speciality made in chocolate and almond paste.

But not only... yum, crunch in the lovely green coating and you’ll taste the nice curaçao flavour!

The little history

The cushion celebrates an old Lyon tradition : which one? The famous "deputy mayor’s vow"!

Let me explain: Notre-Dame of Fourvière, on its hill, is the most famous sanctuary, in Lyon. Even queen Ann of Austria came to pray the Virgin.

But a terrible curse arrived: plague. Nothing could be done, only counting dead who piled up hours after hours. People felt helpless, so they prayed! But no one seemed to hear their voices...

Only Fourvière hill and its sanctuary could save them. So, in 1630, a huge crowd of believers came in pilgrimage.

Well, the piety worked... and the plague stopped! Oh, not for a long time: in 1638 and 1642, the plague stroke one more time...

In order to ward it off forever, deputy mayors decided to strike a decisive blow: on March 12th 1643, they put the city under the Virgin Mary's protection and promised her they would make a big pilgrimage each year (on September 8th), on Fourvière hill.

They would pray the Virgin and give her altar candles, torches and one golden crown on a green silky cushion. Hey, that’s our coussin! Sure...