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The creation of the pastille from Vichy

The pastilles | Christophe Chauvin / Public domain

Those famous French sweets come from Vichy, Central France!

Their fabrication date back to 1839: Brosson, manager of the thermal bathes in Vichy, created the first oval pastilles, with the help of chemist Joseph d'Arcet.

They used to make them with bicarbonate of soda… and it wasn’t a big success!

Then, in 1854, they launched the brand new model, with 8 faces: the current one! It was a smash hit: at that time they made 100000 pastille per day!

Today, those candies are excellent for the digestion…

They are made of a mix of glucose, sugar and water. Add to this minerals contain in the Vichy water and few drops of mint, lemon or anise essence.

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