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The diabolic legend of the Creno lake

The lake | Rich mussel / CC-BY
Lake Legend Sorcery Creno lake

The legend of the Devil’s lake

A strange Corsican lake, full of mysteries… of course, there’s a legend, here!

Oh, oh, maybe a legend with the Devil? Yes it is! This lake was the Devil's home, in Corsica.

But one day, Soccia’s inhabitants decided to expel him. Pretty unhappy, the Devil, who didn’t want to leave, hit the ground with his big hammer.

On this exact place… a huge lake was created! He jumped in the water and people never saw him again. And the lake became the Hell’s gate…

And yet, the Devil get bored, alone, in there. So, he came round and started to bash people around.

Enough!! They called an exorcist. This one made prayers, and the lake’s water went down… the water emptied out!

At the end, the lake was completely empty. The Devil was forced to appear!

But while the exorcist was praying, the demon jumped and vanished as a flash… and the lake found back his usual level!

To give credence to the legend, some say the Devil’s still here because we find plenty of carnivore plants on the lake’s bank...

The lake

This is one of the most beautiful Corsican lake, located at 1310 metres! In summer, the water lilies are in flower. Birds, insects and batrachians abound in.

Creno is a deep lake, about 8 metres. It seems so mysterious, so quiet with this huge blue area, surrounding by the dark and green forest…

This is really an amazing place, perfect for a little stroll or a picnic!

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