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The fabulous destiny of the little Breton who became a mighty Poisson

The castle | Jebulon / CC0
Castle Champs-sur-Marne castle

Let's meet Poisson!

Let’s meet Paul Poisson de Bourvallais, with his incredible destiny! He raised the current castle on lands belonging to lords of Champs since the 12th century.

Silk, gold, precious furniture quickly decorated the apartments of this nice “cottage house”.

Stables housed 30 beautiful English and Spanish horses, greenhouses housed rare species, all the Court (even the king) came in order to ate refined dishes...

In short, Champs was the spectacular success of an ordinary man, a domestic, who decided that one day, he would be the master...

One of his former master said to him: “Don’t forget that you were my domestic.” Paul answered: “Of course, but if you were my servant, you would still serve me!”

A quick raise

But who was this Paul Poisson? He was born son of farmers in Brittany, in the middle of the 17th century. He came in Paris, where he became a footman. But he came back in Brittany, because he failed. There, he became an usher.

First president in Brittany parliament noticed him, and one day, he promised to Paul a most important position! Paul came back in Paris, where he became a secretary, then king’s secretary and Finances Inspector in Burgundy...

Paul became rich! He soon added to his humble name the one of de Bourvallais... grand-sounding!

He bought several lands in Brie area. But his wealth incurred everybody’s jealousy! He was accused of embezzlement... Paul had to sell his Champs castle.

He was locked in the Bastille jailhouse, and finally rehabilitated. But they never gave him back his lands and goods: he died in 1719, alone...

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