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The famous veuve Clicquot in Boursault castle

The 19th c iron gate | Denys / CC-BY
Castle Festivities Veuve Clicquot Boursault castle

A mother for her kids

On the façade, we read a motto… It says Natis mater, ″a mother for her children″… echoing the fact the castle was raised by famous Veuve Clicquot, in order to gather all her family!

For the widow's grand-daughter wedding in 1848, architect Arveuf completely re-raised the current neo-renaissance castle, between 1843 and 1848.

What about the inner decoration? We read this in Le roman des châteaux de France, (part 1) by Juliette Benzoni:

″Everything was as cold as in Versailles apartments. We were like lost: in the huge dining-room, the chimney was a pedestal for a life-size statue of Diana.″

Upper crust with champagne

The widow made sumptuous parties, here, hosted her daughter with her husband, count de Chevigné.

Besides, her daughter and grand-daughter's wedding attracted all the period upper crust!

And the hostess left nothing to chance:

″By a conceivable despotism, madame Clicquot only admitted champagnes on her table. I am the State! said Louis XIV. Madame Clicquot said: I am the wine!″ (Charles Monselet in the book Mes souvenirs littéraires)

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