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The field of the Cloth of Gold and the Bourgtheroulde townhouse

Detail, Field of the Cloth of Gold | Giogo / CC-BY-SA
Festivities Town house François I of France Bourgtheroulde townhouse

Oh, what a nice Renaissance building! Do you know it? It's the Bourgtheroulde hotel!

Raised in 1486 by Guillaume Le Roux, rich lord of Bourgtheroulde, completed by his son Guillaume III, abbot of the Val-Richer abbey and councillor at Normandy Parliament, this nice city house was a sumptuous place where owners invited princes and kings.

Guillaume III raised the Renaissance gallery with its low-relief illustrating the Field of the Cloth of Gold or Camp du Drap d'Or interview, which took place in 1520 between king of France François I and king of England Henri VIII.

We can see Le Roux family's blazon as well as Louis XII's porcupine and Ann of Brittany's ermine.

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