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The frescos of Saint-Pierre de Méobecq church

Saint Martial | / CC-BY-NC-SA
Abbot church Saint-Pierre church in Méobecq

Loads of painting saints

Look at that! Romanesque frescos, in the apse... In 1859, architect Dauvergne rediscovered those paintings, the oldest Romanesque frescos in Berry (half part of the 11th c)! Most of those frescos disappeared because to dampness. But we still can see nice remains! First we have saints: • founder of the abbey, Cyran (SIGIRANNUS). • first abbot saint Loyau (LEODALDUS). • saint Benoît, because Méobecq was a Benedictine abbey. • saint Martial, Peter’s disciple and apostle of Limousin • saint Peter with his keys and below the Virtue in armour striking down the Vice.

A white rider from darkness

Look at this Apocalypse rider! This man wears a simple tunic, riding bareback on a white horse!

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