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The generous recipe of the mère Poulard's omelette

M. et Mme Poulard | Malina Jones / Public domain

What’s this?

A French recipe that’s a smash hit since the 19th century: the delicious omelette of the mère Poulard! It comes from Mont-Saint-Michel, in Normandy, created by the famous mère Poulard: a unique recipe, so light and puffy! Aaah, what’s the secret? We don’t know, it’s a mystery! Maybe butter, a touch of cream? Anyway, eggs are beaten, beaten... And you can taste it in the famous Mont's restaurant, in front of the bay...

The little history

Annette Boutiaut?

Aah... who was this mère Poulard, who created the omelette? Annette Boutiaut was born in Nevers, Burgundy, in 1851. She became Mrs. Corroyer’s servant (wife of the Historical monuments architect, who came to the Mont to restore the old abbey). In 1873, Annette married Victor Poulard, son of the only Mont’s baker! They decided to open a hotel in a city street, the Grande-Rue.

Little hotel and big omelette

Travellers who crossed the bay were exhausted when they reached the Mont! So they needed a bed, a nice little hotel... and a dinner! Annette decided to make them an omelette. A terrific omelette! Tourists loved it and asked for more. Our couple became famous, with their delicious recipe. In 1906, they finally retired: Victor died in 1924, Annette 7 years later. They were buried in the Mont. We can read on their graves:

Ici reposent Victor et Annette Poulard, bons époux, bons hôteliers. Daigne le Seigneur les accueillir comme ils reçurent leurs hôtes. "Here rest Victor et Annette Poulard, good couple, good hoteliers. May God welcome them as they welcomed their hosts."

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