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The humpback's fatal jokes

M. Leszcynska by Van Loo | Ji-Elle / CC-BY-SA
Castle Homicide Uzès ducal palace

Charles-Emmanuel, 8th duke of Uzès (nicknamed the Humpback because of a horrible war injury), lived in the castle in the 18th century. Exiled in his palace because he murdered queen of France Marie Leszcynska’s relative!

One night, at the theatre, Charles took his favourite candies box. Not a common box!

One with two parts: one for ladies with delicious pastilles, the other part full of bitter and disgusting candies he liked to offer to have fun!

He made the joke to the count of Rantzau. This one didn’t laugh at all, threw him his candies at the face and wanted a duel with Charles. And the day of the duel… Charles killed Rantzau.

Shoo, in exile in Uzès! He transformed the palace, hosted people, including Voltaire.

In 1741, he even hosted pasha Mehemet, the ambassador of the Sublime Porte: gorgeous parties took place, in the city, for days…

Then the palace was sold during the French Revolution. In the beginning of the 19th century, surprise! The duke of Uzès bought it!

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