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The Jacobins in Morlaix, a convent and a museum

The convent | Thesupermat / CC-BY-SA
Museum Convent Jacobins museum in Morlaix

Upper crust in the convent!

When they came in Morlaix, Ann of Brittany and Mary Stuart were hosted here, in the convent.

Brittany States also gathered here and monk Albert the Great retired here to write his book Vies, gestes, morts et miracles des saints de Bretagne...

A convent then a museum

The city museum opened in the convent’s church. A convent founded by Dominican friars in 1213.

The church first housed archaeological collections, then count Ange de Guernisac gave a large collection of paintings.

The current museum was created in 1887.

Monet, Dargent... and one Ankou!

We can see Courbet’s paintings, Flemish, Italian, Dutch works, paintings by Breton painter Yan Dargent... and "modern" art like Le Sidaner and Monet.

Don’t forget Breton goldsmithing and furniture, but also religious statues, like this rare 17th century Ankou (Death incarnation in Brittany): the only one in Brittany, with Ploumilliau Ankou!

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