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The last Parisian passage

The glass roof | Christophe PINARD / CC-BY-SA
Street District Jouffroy passage

It's the last passage raised in Paris in 1845 by Jouffroy society. Architects Destailleur and Romain de Bourge used here iron, stone and glass: wood, which was used in ancient passage, was used very slightly here.

This passage was located near the passage des Panoramas, but Parisians loved this new one! People said at that time: C'est un lieu de promenade et de rendez-vous. On s'y attend et l'on s'y promène sans plus s'inquiéter du reste, which means "It’s a place where people stroll and gather. Here they don't care about the rest of the world"...

Did you know it was the first passage with a heating system, in Paris? Lots of people used to came here in winter, in order to warm up!

The passage Jouffroy was larger and half as long than the passage des Panoramas, that's why people liked it, they had more space.

At the end of the 19th century, the passage Jouffroy was famous because of those stores: Bazar Européen, a hat trade... and in 1882, they inaugurated the famous musée Grévin.

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