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The legend of Beaugency bridge

The bridge crossing the Loire | Céline / CC-BY-SA
Legend Sorcery Bridge Beaugency bridge

Would you like to go to the bridge of Beaugency? Several times altered, restored, rebuilt, the bridge still keeps 16th century Gothic arches.

Beyond, we notice modern arches in spite of freestone facings, replaced in 1950 by wood spans, provisional since 18th century.

A restoration was done in 1983 because of the instability of the Gothic part.

Probably built under the aegis of the lord of Beaugency, the bridge spans the river Loire since the 12th century, perhaps from 1130.

But I forgot to talk about the history linked to the bridge, the legend of the cat of Beaugency!

This bridge was raised by the Devil. He built it in one night and wanted to keep the first soul who crossed it.

People, suspicious, took a cat and threw it on the bridge. The Devil grabbed the animal and, realizing the trick, took it, angry, in hell...

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