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The legend of Castelbouc castle

The castle | MOSSOT / CC-BY
Castle Legend Castelbouc castle

Raised in the 12th century, the strange Castelbouc castle overlooking us from its vast cliff. The fortress looks like a chameleon, isn't it, on its rock? It was pretty damaged, since they destroyed it in 1588, to prevent Protestants to take shelter here.

The legend says lord of Castelbouc, Raymond, was ladies' devoted escort! They swooned over him... he was the only man here, the other ones went to the Crusades!

He died of his dissolute life and they told his soul, running towards the sky, was transformed into a big goat which soared over the castle...

Indeed, bouc means "goat" in French, so Castelbouc is the "goat's castle".

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