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The legend of Gratot castle

The Fairy tower, on the right | Xfigpower / CC-BY-SA
Castle Legend Gratot castle

Did you know the name of Gratot means "house of Guérard"?

The first mention of our castle dates back to 1255, with the name Carta Guerardi de Guerartot militis. In Saxon dialect, tot means "house". Well, Guérard were the first lords.

Then, Gratot fell to d'Argouges family in 1251 when Jeanne de Gratot married Guillaume d'Argouges. They probably raised the current castle flanked by two surrounding walls, a kind of huge and strong medieval fortress!

In the farmyard, look at this! A tower, called Tower of the Fairy, refers to an old legend: one day, lord of Argouges fell in love with a beautiful young woman.

He proposed to her, she accepted, on one condition: nobody should use the word "death". They married, and years passed by... but one day, he let slip the forbidden word! Immediately, his wife flew away by the window; she left her footprint on the window ledge.

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