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The legend of Jacques Casella in Nonza

The tower | Fumey-Dumoulin / CC-BY-SA
Tower Legend Nonza tower

The little city of Corsica was born thanks to lords of Avogari, called from Genoa in order to dispense justice on the island... long before the Republic of Genoa ruled over Corsica!

They raised a fortress here, later completed by Pascal Paoli, who raised our famous tower in 1760.

4 years later, the French became masters of Corsica: all Corsican leaders surrendered.

Well, all? No, except one! Jacques Casella, in Nonza: our man!

Alone in his tower, he resisted against the French, although he was wounded and not young any more! With his gun and cannons, Casella waited for the enemies.

Our chap wanted it to look like they were plenty, in the tower... but he was alone, shooting himself blasts of cannons! What did he want? To surrender, but with military honours!

And... surprise: the French saw him going out from the tower... alone. Where was the rest of the garrison? "That's me!" answered Casella...

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