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The legend of Ourscamp abbey

The bear on the pediment | MOSSOT / CC-BY-SA
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Ourscamp is the old Ursus campus, a place where lived a man called Ursus... But ursus  also means “bear” in Latin!

By the way, the legend says saint Eloi, bishop of Noyon, came here in order to found a chapel.

A cow carried along stones and woods he needed for the construction. Suddenly, a bear ate the cow! Aaah...

Eloi asked the big bear to put the harness in order to replace the cow, and to tow the trunks. The bear immediately obeyed!

Well, the abbey was born in 1229, thanks to bishop of Noyon Simon de Vermandois: he asked Cistercian monks to come and the abbey became quickly prosperous.

In fact, they kept in the church saint Anne’s relics, brought back from Constantinople in the 13th century!

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