The legend of Piana creeks

The creeksThe creeks | ©Isiwal / CC-BY-SA

The creeks

Those granite rocks sculpted by elements are lovely Corsican landscapes, aren't they?

Overlooking the Pianetta and the capo d’Oro, we can admire those creeks (calanques in French) from the sea or from dry land.

Several hiking paths exist to discover those orange rocks. The best moment to see them? Sunset! It’s like a big fire...

We even can see shapes among the rocks. Here! A dog. And here, a heart! Oh, there, a camel…

Famous French writer Maupassant described them, in his book Le monastère de Corbara:

″I saw two giant monks; a sitting bishop, his tiara on his head; amazing figures, like a lion, a woman with her child in her arms and a big Devils’ head, the keeper of all these crowd locked in stony bodies.″

The legend

The legend says the creeks of Piana were made by the Devil!

A guy one day fell in love with a young shepherdess.

But this one wasn’t in love with him! And she had a husband.

She clearly showed her indifference to the young man (who was the Devil, in fact) and expelled him from her house!

Offended, the Devil took his revenge: he unleashed his anger, by cursing the shepherdess and her husband, and accumulated heap of rocks, creating lots of fantastical creatures.

Then, the Devil vanished, letting this rock chaos.