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The legend of Poudrey: the chasm, the young girl and the Devil

Inside the cave | YannickPatois / CC-BY-SA
Natural cavity Legend Sorcery Poudrey chasm

The legend

Like many other caves, the legend says the chasm of Poudrey and its area are the Devil’s entrance door!

Do you want to hear the legend?

A young girl from Etalans was sent packing by her father from the family house. Whoa, the old man was so upset!

A young guy from her village had seduced her and she fell in love with him.

So one evening, roaming like a lost soul, she met the Devil near the chasm.

Well, well, thought this one, a potential victim! What did he say to her? To jump with him in the chasm… to escape to disgrace, it was the only way.

The young thing thought about it, then accepted: yes, it was the only way, really… so she jumped in the hole... and immediately regretted!

She already felt the Hell’s fire licking her toes!

Fortunately, a miracle happened: her fall was stopped in the middle of the chasm.

Phew! But worst than the Devil, there was a furious God: angry because she nearly committed suicide, he condemned her to 1000 years of purgatory in the chasm.

And since that moment, people who went near the chasm to throw a pebble in said they heard a kind of hiss while the stone was falling… because the stone fell on the young girl’s head. Ouch!

The visit of Le Poudrey

Don’t miss the son et lumière visit: a beautiful way to discover the chasm!

Here, we are about 70 metres underground, with the Great Room (130 metres long and 100 wide): the entire cathedral of Paris could hold here! Well, nice…

The visit lasts 1 hour.

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