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The legend of saint Goustan (and his fish)

Goustan's statue, Auray | Myrabella / WikimediaCommons / CC-BY-SA
Harbour Miracle Legend Saint-Goustan harbour

Saint Goustan is the fishermen and sailors' protector: a pretty ready-made saint for our small harbour of Auray! Goustan was born in the 10th c. When he was young, Breton pirates kidnapped him.

Whoa, what a beginning! He became their cabin boy and their jack-of-all-trades, but one day they abandoned him on a desert island.

There, the Breton hermit Félix of Rhuys took in, cured him and converted him to Christianity. Then he took him in his Rhuys abbey: and suddenly Goustan had a kind of revelation and he became monk!

The tradition often represents him with a fish in his arms, because of this little legend: he was wounded and hungry, on his desert island. And he only caught a small fish after days and days of fishing.

So he only ate one tiny piece of it every day… but each morning, his fish magically pieced together! So Goustan could survive a long time, eating all he wanted from the fish…

Hey, it reminds us the legend of saint Corentin in the cathedral of Quimper! Meanwhile, we can see a nice wooden statue of Goustan on a wall in the harbour.

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