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The legend of sainte Réparate

Réparate's martyrdom: molten pitch | Finoskov / CC-BY-SA
Cathedral Martyr Legend Sainte-Réparate cathedral in Nice

Let’s talk about Réparate! She was born in Caesarea in Palestine and died at 15 years old after her martyr in 250. Tortured then decapitated, her executioner put her body in a barque he put on the Mediterranean sea. Whatever will be will be!

The skiff travelled a lot, then arrived near Nice coast, by a fine summer evening! Fishermen found the little boat, with 2 angels by its side: they named the famous Baie des Anges ("Angels' Bay") after Réparate...

In short, they brought the barque on the sand: inside, they discovered a young girl... Réparate! She was dead, in fact, so they decided to bury her in a decent place and named her patron saint of Nice!

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